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The estate

The estate of San Adeodato is located in privileged surroundings in the centre of the marvellous island of Minorca- declared Biosphere Reserve by Unesco - in the municipality of Es Migjorn Gran.

From this small town there is easy access to some of the most beautiful coastal areas, such as the beaches of Santo Tomás and San Adeodato, the latter taking its name from the estate.

A truly idyllic place in unspoiled natural surroundings

The outstanding natural beauty of the area of the stud provides an ideal place for our horses to graze and roam in complete freedom, growing and developing in the tranquil atmosphere they deserve.

The extensive lands of the estate are comprised of fertile soil, which year by year are sown and harvested with high quality crops. These same crops provide the sustenance for the horses and their foals, thus forming a virtuous circle for the healthy breeding and development of horses of the Minorcan breed.

La finca

Just a short distance from the estate, wonderful views of the Mediterranean can be enjoyed, whilst Mediterranean herbal and marine perfumes fill the air.

The estate has two new fully-equipped training grounds where all of the breaking in and exercises for the Minorcan dressage. In conclusion, at San Adeodato we have everything necessary for the day to day growth and training of the Minorcan breed.